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Welcome to Melt&Marble

From day one, all of us at Melt&Marble (formerly Biopetrolia) have been looking to provide solutions to some of today’s sustainability challenges. That’s why we exist.


It all began in Jens Nielsen’s Systems and Synthetic Biology group at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. The group, known for its in-depth knowledge and world-leading expertise in synthetic biology and metabolic engineering of microbial cell factories, decided to make a change.


Initially, the company was a patent-holding company for the research group, financed by providing yeast engineering services.


In 2021 we pivoted to focus on creating the best possible fats for the food industry and beyond. The world needs to change…

Our vision

Fats play an essential role in many consumer products. Meat and dairy fats give these products their characteristic mouthfeel, juiciness, and flavour. Cocoa butter gives chocolate its smooth, luxurious mouthfeel. In personal care applications fats are widely used for their moisturizing and thickening properties.

However, the vast majority of fats produced today are unsustainable, lack needed functionality, and/or are plagued by supply chain instabilities.

Melt&Marble’s mission is to be part of the solution.

With our technology, we can supply different industries with the most delicious, sustainable, and healthiest fats- better for consumers and the planet.


Founding team and management

Anastasia Krivoruchko.jpg
Florian David.jpg
Jens Nielsen_edited.jpg
Thomas Cresswell_edited_edited.jpg
Co-founder, CEO
Anastasia’s main passion is using science to solve global challenges. Her educational background is in Biochemistry and Biotechnology, and she holds a Ph.D. in Biology. Before founding Melt&Marble, she was a project leader at the Chalmers University of Technology and ran various precision fermentation projects. She has extensive experience in microbial metabolic engineering and synthetic biology, evidenced through many publications and several patents. 
Florian David, PhD
Co-founder, CSO
Florian believes science has a great potential to impact society and help form a more sustainable future. He holds a Ph.D. in Biotechnology focusing on holistic bioprocess optimization and is an Assistant Professor at the Chalmers University of Technology. His background includes more than ten years of experience in biotechnology and microbial engineering with various publications and patent applications in the field. 
Jens Nielsen, Professor
Jens is the innovator behind more than 35 issued patents and patent applications. Considered a world-leading expert in metabolic engineering and systems biology, he has headed a research group of more than 80 researchers and co-authored over 600 research papers in international peer-reviewed journals that have been cited well over 40,000 times. Jens has founded multiple companies and served as a scientific advisor to numerous large biotech companies. He is currently the CEO of the BII Institute in Copenhagen.
Thomas Cresswell
Chief Business Officer
Thomas is a passionate foodie, experienced business leader and start-up mentor with a background in venture capital, strategy consulting and investment banking. His personal mission is to help revolutionize our food system to help regenerate our planet. Prior to joining Melt&Marble, Thomas led growth and market entry strategy projects across multiple industries and helped build Cargill Ventures, where he led many venture capital investments in emerging Agri-Food tech companies.
Co-founder, Chairman of the board
Anastasia Krivoruchko, PhD

Board of directors and advisors

Henrik Dalbøge.jpg
Jan Svärd_edited.jpg
Henrik Dalbøge, PhD
Member of the BoD
Jan Svärd
Member of the BoD
Lauri Reuter, PhD
Member of the BoD, (NFT.VC)
James Caffyn_edited.jpg
James Caffyn
Member of the BoD (Lever VC)
Marika King
BoD observer (Paulig Incubator)
Björn Westman_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Björn Westman
BoD observer (Chalmers Ventures)
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