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Welcome to the era of sustainable designer fats

We use precision fermentation to make more sustainable, functional, and delicious fats.

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When it comes to fats, we don’t have to choose between performance, ethics, and sustainability.

Is it possible for a burger made without animal products to be equally delicious and satisfying as a burger made with beef? Or for a luxury moisturiser to be both good for our skin and completely sustainable? Absolutely- Melt&Marble provides an uncompromising solution.

The secret is to design fats that deliver that irresistible, heavenly mouthfeel for our palates and that nourishing, protective layer for our skin, without hurting animals or the planet.

We use precision fermentation to create designer fats that have the desired functionality, flavour, and nutritional profile. We achieve this by rewiring the metabolism of microbes to produce specific fats. Our technology gives us the ability to control the types of fatty acids that get produced and how they assemble to form specific fat molecules  (triglycerides). This approach gives us an unparalleled ability to design fats on a molecular level. Precision fermentation is a safe technology platform and has been widely used in industry for decades. 

Our mission is to catalyze the transition to a more sustainable agrifood system by supplying different industries with the ultimate designer fats- made to measure to offer sustainability, performance, and scalability.

Why we need better fats



Our technology has the potential to disrupt existing markets by providing more sustainable fats, as well as creating new markets by closing the taste gap between animal- and plant-based foods. This will have a huge positive impact on the planet



Why our solution is a big YES!


our fats can be produced from a variety of feedstocks and with minimal land use


our fats have lower saturation, incorporate healthy fatty acids, and are free from cholesterol, trans fats, antibiotics, and contaminants.


our solution allows us to replicate any sort of fat, and customize fats for different applications


fermentation is easy to scale using existing infrastructure.


We can compete on pricing with both existing and newer fat-production technologies.


What's brewing?

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