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The ultimate ingredient to make animal-free foods irresistible

The key- recreating animal fats using precision fermentation to make mouth-watering foods that are better for the planet, and heavenly to the palate.

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Plant-based foods deserve the best fats – we create them

Is it possible for a burger made without animal products to be equally delicious and satisfying as a burger that uses environmentally damaging beef? Absolutely!

Sustainable foods can be just as scrumptious and indulgent as animal-based foods. The secret is to design fats that deliver that irresistible, heavenly mouthfeel, without hurting animals or the planet.


At Melt&Marble, we use precision fermentation to recreate the best characteristics of animal fats.

We achieve this by rewiring microbial metabolism and altering the structure and properties of the fats produced by our microbes, using safe technologies that have been widely used for decades.


Our mission is to make sustainable animal-free foods just as tasty as beef or cheese- better for the planet, and guilt-free pleasure for people. 

Doesn't that sound like a delicious idea?

Why we need better fats



It's high time to erase the taste gap between animal-based and plant-based foods. Melt&Marble's solution gives the entire plant-based industry a huge boost.



Why our solution is a big YES!


we produce all our fats from sustainable feedstocks with minimal land use.


our fats have lower saturation, incorporate healthy fatty acids, and are free from trans fats, antibiotics, or contaminants.


our solution allows fats to be customized for any application and protein source.


the production is easy to scale using an existing infrastructure.


compared to other technologies, the production costs are lower.


What's brewing?

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